Flutter Installation On Windows 11

System requirements

flutter requirement

Download Flutter SDK

You can download flutter_windows_3.3.9-stable.zip Flutter SDK by clicking the blue button. But one thing to keep in mind is that 3.3.9 is a flutter version when you are downloading it might be different because the flutter team releases a new flutter version every few days.

Flutter SDK Installation

After downloading the Flutter SDK extract the zip file to your desired drive location. For example (C:\src\flutter). But keep one thing in mind that does not extract the Flutter zip to a folder that has a space in its name, such as the Program Files folder. Always extract the Flutter zip to a folder that has a single name. I recommend creating a new folder named src in C Drive and then extracting the zip file in it.

flutter location

Update Flutter Path

  • Open the src folder then the fluter folder and then open the bin folder. Copy the path of the bin folder. 
  • Search Edit environment variables for your account in the windows search bar.
  • Open Edit environment variables for your account.
  • Click on Path and then click on edit.
  • Click on the New button which is on the right side.
  • Now paste your copy path in this field. 
  • Now all done please click OK each time and close all open windows.

Last Step

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Now write there flutter doctor command.
  • Now Flutter is installed.
  • If there is any problem it will show here.
  • Please also install Android Studio and Vs Code on your system.
  • After the installation of Android Studio and Vs Code. Install the flutter plugin in both.

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